Monday, 15 December 2014

How Do You Use It? An Object Function Packet


I have recently started working with an ESL kindergarten student who is able to read but can not answer a simple question. Although impressive that she can read, it doesn't do much good if she doesn't understand what she reads or is unable to answer simple questions (in conversation or about what she has read.) It occurred to me that her parents probably encouraged reading but were unaware of how to encourage her natural language skills. Most likely because they are speaking a different language at home. A whole different topic.....

 Anyway, I went on the hunt to find some thing that I could ask her simple 'wh" questions and she would be able to understand what I was asking and they would also give visual support.
This is what I came up with- from WHITNEYSLP

How Do You Use It? An Object Function Packet 

This pack has really useful objects and cute graphics. It would be great for kids up to age 5. You can use it different ways too.On one set of the cards there is a question and they can choose from a possible 3 items located at the bottom of the sheet. You can also ask the question and lay as many different pictures on the table as you like depending on ability.

Let me know if you have any ESL kids that can read but have very low oral communication, and what your thoughts/ideas are on the topic.


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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm so glad you and your students are enjoying it! :)