Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Private Speech Services

I am not a Speech Language Pathologist. I am a Speech & Language Consultant. I have 12+ years experience working as a speech assistant, a Speech Assistant Diploma and a Rehabilitation Services Diploma. 
The difference between the the SLP and I are that the SLP assesses the kids and then I work on the goals through treatment. I provide treatment one on one or in small groups. I also have my own business- Creating Communicators. In our area speech services are not provided on Aboriginal Land- Reserve schools. It has been my experience that children in first nation schools seem to really need speech, language and literacy support. I thought how can I help to meet those needs?

I decided to start my own business that only provides support to First Nations schools. What I do is I go in and screen their kids and then anyone who doesn't pass the screen is then seen by one of my contract speech pathologists. The SLP  will assess them and then develop goals for each student. After that, I go in and provide one on one treatment with the child and then support the aide. I support the aides and teachers by giving them resources, games and ideas on how to get the speech and language progressing. I come in twice a month, usually and do a treatment session, while the aide watches me, and then I  give them resources and ideas. I try and answer any of their questions on how the treatment is going and how to progress. I also go in the classroom and do small group and entire class activities on topics that the teacher feels the kids need extra help on.
 I have the SLP come in through out the year and give me and the staff guidance, supervision and support. This is a more cost effective way to provide support to schools who don't normally have SLP services because of funding issues or because they are in a remote area. It is a win/ win for everyone!

How do SLP services work in your area.  


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