Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Sweet Shoppe: Following Spatial Directions

The Sweet Shoppe

I found this handy dandy little product and I wanted to share it with all of you!

 Sweet Shoppe: Following Spatial Directions (Speech Therapy)

First of all, the graphics are super cute and really bright! The package includes pages of one and two step directions. This would be great for kids in about grade 3 and up but you can also use it for younger kids and then just vary the length and complexity of the directions. Some of the directions are a little more difficult but if they are too difficult you can definitely vary them. Personally, I love the more difficult directions because it seems like the kids I usually work with need a little more advanced directions. 
Another thing I love is that on the direction sheet there is a picture included of the correct answer. Great idea! It doesn't get any easier than that! You can see and show your kiddo exactly what the picture should look like.
There are little pictures of candy which I put in an old glass jar and the kids get a token candy every time they get the answer correct. I also put a few candies in my jar so that the kiddos can hand in 5 candy tokens for 1 real candy. The kiddos love it! Depending on the needs and restrictions of your students you may have to vary this part a bit. :)

There are so many concepts and prepositions targeted in this package! Some include, middle, under, left, above, below, bottom, next to, between, and more. There are trickier directions, for example, put the cookies in the middle of the middle shelf. WOW! Love it! 

BTW I found this  on TPT. Thank you The Speechtress! Great job!! 
The Speechstress

I hope you like it!


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