Friday, 6 June 2014

Speech at the beach

This is a picture of how I use an activity from a new product of mine speech at the beach. I place pictures of the kids on the table and then give a direction to follow. There are 2 pictures of boys and 2 of girls and then with 3 children. For example, I will say give her shells and give him a purple shell. Or give him a small ice cream and give them the large ice cream. You can tailor it to target whatever the child needs to work on using just 1 or 2 pronoun pictures or more!

This activity targets so many skills at one time.
- following multi-step directions
- listening for pronouns
- listening for plurals 
- listening for details

It also includes:
• Initial /k/ artic cards
• Printing practice for initial k cards
• concepts
• Pronoun practice
• Plurals
• A home reader
• Sequencing practice
• Comprehension activity
• Coloring pages

I included a home reader with comprehension answers at the end which include pictures for visual prompts.

I hope you like it!



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