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Creating Communicators is a speech language consultation business that I started in 2009 to provide speech and language services to First Nation Schools. It occurred to me that there is a huge gap in services to these schools and I wanted to fill that gap because, historically, children at those schools can be at the greatest risk for speech and language issues, poor attendance, and sometimes have weaker academic skills.
  I am a speech consultant. I go into schools, who require services, and provide treatment,  materials for speech therapy and help staff how to carry out the treatment plans of their students.  I also go into classrooms and do activities on grammar, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, etc that students need help with. I can provide modelling opportunities through activities for teachers to continue building on. All of this is under the supervision of a Registered Speech Language Pathologist. I have several SLP's that assess and provide treatment plans for me and also supervise me.I have a rehabilitation diploma and a speech therapy assistant diploma through Grant MacEwan University. In addition to that, I worked as a speech assistant with Alberta Health Service for 13 years.

 Now let me give you a little background on our area. I live in rural, northern Alberta. The only services provided to most schools is through Alberta Health services, with the exception of First Nation Schools. Alberta health services has a wait time and although they are "free" they have limited number of staff. Through AHS you receive services on their schedule and on their timeline.  So often times, schools contract out their own services privately. First Nation Schools do not qualify for services from Alberta health services rather they have to contract their own private services. 
Creating Communicators provides on site services as well as through on line therapy. 
If your school requires excellent and affordable Speech and Language Services you can contact me at 780 805-6645 or


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