Friday, 16 March 2018

Category Sort

I bought this Category Sorting Activity from Janelle Publishing
Students can build their vocabulary skills by classifying items, naming categories, choosing items based on function and attributes and sorting. In the pack there are 50 realistic 3-D objects that fit into 10 categories: animals, people, toys, food, things to wear, baby items, vehicles, tools, musical instruments, and eating utensils. 
You can also expand their vocabulary skills by describing attributes,  the function of items, their location, or associated objects. 
I really like it because, well, all the kids love it! Anytime you have hands on, toys, they are excited! Let's get away from the worksheets, even if just for a bit :)

Here's what I do:

  • I will put things from certain categories in a bin and have them label the category.  
  • I will put two things from different groups in the bin and ask what they have in common. 
  • You can also talk about why the items are different.
  • I will leave a bin empty and ask them to find 3 things you eat, wear, make music, or animals, etc. 
  • put 2 things that are associated and explain why they go together- example: a fish and a boat because they both go in the water.
  • Put all items that are big/small, or a certain color in the bin. 
  • then you can also use the little bin for prepositions: put it in the bin, in front, under, behind, beside, etc.   

It was $50 from Janelle Publishing but if you don't want to spend the money- go on the hunt for your own items :)


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