Monday, 5 February 2018

Sequencing Mats

Hey Peeps!

I have kids who are working on their sequencing 
skills and story retell. I need the kids to be more 
expressive but I need activities that are at “their 
level.” I find that many books are way to easy or 
way too long. I need something quick that we 

can read and sum up into its parts. I also need 

visuals,  so I went looking. :)

I found these Sequencing Mats, and I love them. 
They are quick little stories that my kids can relate

to, like normal daily routines. I bought them 

because they are super easy to make, just print 

and laminate. Then you can get some Velcro or 

even sticky tac (I call it fun tac!)

And, there you go!  A fun center to do in a class 

or in speech therapy!

Thank you Mrs. Kadeen Teaches!! Click on the pic 

below to be taken to her TPT store!

 Sequencing Mats-Readers


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