Sunday, 25 February 2018


Farm, Farm, What Do You See? 

I had made a book a while ago, it was one of the first products I ever made. Recently, I have been looking at my store and re-vamping my products. I made this book into an interactive book. It will end up looking something like this!

 What Do You See- The Entire Package

 I look at my old products and look at how far I've come (I hope!) My products were very plain, didn't use many different fonts and I started out in word! Now I have a ton of fonts, a small fortune in clip art and always use power point. 
I don't really think of myself as creative but I really like making products, its a nice outlet for my creativity and ideas.

I hope you like my stuff, its very important to me. I don't like negative feedback, who does?! But it does help me grow and fix/edit items.

Do you have a store? How do you feel about making products?


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