Monday, 15 January 2018

Community Helper preschool Pack

Community Helper Preschool Pack  

I will be starting to work with a new group of preschoolers who have severely delayed language skills so I needed a pack, QUICK! I wanted something that would promote free play, build vocabulary, social skills and gross motor skills. I got my butt in gear and made this pack! It is based on community helpers. This pack is specifically designed for preschoolers who have language delays. The purpose is to increase vocabulary and social skills as well as creating a language rich environment in the preschool room. I have activities that do target letters and letter sounds, however, this focus of this pack is not to teach literacy and phonics but to be more of an introduction to literacy and language to kids who have had little exposure. (That is why not all of the letters are included.) 

Included is a weekly, step by step plan!

Also, I believe that free play is very important for children. There are a lot of “text” based activities but please allow the children time to play, freely. I do have a few text based activities but I really wanted to focus on natural language exposure and a natural environment.

Here are just a few of the items you can expect!

I have added a few pages for a restaurant center.
Good luck, and enjoy!


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