Sunday, 21 January 2018

1000 TPT Follower Celebration

I'm pretty pumped to have 1000 followers on TPT! It has taken a while but I stuck with it. I look back at my older products and can't believe how much I've learned and  how much my products have improved. You know, practice makes perfect!
I wanted to celebrate this little milestone with you all and put some of my best sellers on sale for a $1!! 

  Pronouns- Receptive and Expressive Activities

The Wheels on the Bus- Preschool Pack 

 Vocabulary- Associations, What Doesn't Belong, and Categorization
 Teaching Concepts and Sequencing- First, Next, Last, Before and After

 The best thing is you get 4 products for under $5!
There is something for almost everyone on your caseload including:
pronouns, preschool pack for Wheels on the Bus, Vocabulary, and Sequencing!


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