Saturday, 2 December 2017

Useful AAC Information

Last week I took an online course-Model, Motivate, Move Out of the Way. I loved it! Such great information.

I have a few kids who are using AAC's and I don't have much experience so I went looking for some information. I found a course through ERLC (in Alberta) and signed up for MMM. It was so informative. During the 1 hour, free, course I learned so much. Kate Ahern did the presentation and she has placed her powerpoint. I think anyone in the speech world should read it, all teachers and all parents.

Kate also has a blog, check it out here!

I made a quick list of information I found important:

  1. AAC is any kind of non-verbal communication including gestures, sign language, spelling, communication boards and technological devices (like iPads.) 
  2. Always presume that the student has not yet learned a way to communicate and not that they "can't do it." They need us to teach them how to communicate their needs/wants and feelings.
  3. Communication Bill of Rights, every person has the right to communicate their need, wants and feelings. 
  4. Every person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. To be spoken to and not about and to be taught how to communicate. 
  5. When you are working with an AAC- start small. 
  6. Don't use the device for asking "find the... or where is the..." Use it to communicate not as a receptive tool. 
  7. You need to use it, model it, model, model! The student won't learn how to use it unless you use it and model how to use it. 
  8. Use it in a motivating way so that it is fun. If its no fun, and not useful, the student won't be motivated to use it.
  9. Always have the device handy. Don't put it away, keep it accessible at all times.
These are just a few of the important points, and I am not doing this pp any justice. Kate is a wonderful speaker, if you have the opportunity, listen to her. If not, definitely check out her blog and read her pp. There is some wonderful information that is useful for everyone!!

Thank you for all the wonderful, useful information, Kate!




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