Sunday, 10 December 2017

AAC's and You!

 Hey Guys & Gals 😉

Remember, I started talking about about AAC's a while ago (click on the icon below for that post) well, I wanted to elaborate on that post.

I have a few kids on my caseload that are using Alternate and Augmentative  Communication Devices. Remember AAC doesn't always mean iPad, it can mean gestures or communication boards, etc. Some of those kids are beginners and some are already able to tell me short stories on their devices! YAY! There is so much to learn. I need some way to help me organize my thoughts, and help me differentiate between the different levels that the kids were at. I needed help!

I had heard there was this very cool resource called AAC Language Labs. So, I looked into it and was I ever surprised! It was all there, everything I needed and all organized. There were plans for SLP's, educators and parents. Everything was organized into different stages and materials, and games that you could use to teach new skills. I  am in love! My life was made a whole lot easier!! SO HAPPY!!!

On AAC Langauge Labs its all the there, laid out and easy to use. Complete with activities, lesson plans, materials and videos for SLP's, parents and educators. Everything is right here. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! ♡♡

For SLP's there are:

Language Stages and Goals
  • The “Stages” that form the foundation of the AAC Language Lab are information gathered from different resources, and organized in a single chart of teachable segments, called Stages. Because the acquisition of new language skills flows gradually from stage to stage, it is not unusual to find skill development overlapping the stage divisions. Therefore, the stages provide a general structure, but should not be interpreted rigidly.
Clinical Lesson Plans
  • Clinical lesson plans are based on specific expressive and receptive language objectives. They are designed to guide your student through developmental milestones as they improve their functional and academic communication skills using their preferred expressive method (ie. verbal speech, voice output communication device, etc.). Lesson plans are organized and grouped by language stage. Each lesson plan contains:
  • a target language outcome
  • a short list of vocabulary words
  • suggested objectives
  • ideas for teaching activities
  • links to Smart Charts with Unity icons
  • Common Core Standards by grade level  

  • Mobile Lesson Plans 
  •  Mobile lesson plans are designed for a variety of language levels using popular education apps. The focus of each lesson plan is to show different ways the apps can be used to help a student become a better communicator. Lesson plans are divided according to skill level and activities can be adjusted to address the needs of each student. Common Core Standards by grade level are referenced in each lesson plan.
  • Mobile Lesson Plans are organized by language stage; Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. 

    If you have anyone on your caseload that is using an AAC, I highly suggest you taking a look. It will definitely help you, the child, their teacher and family on their journey! Plus it is very reasonably priced- starting at $19.95/YEAR! 
    Don't forget to check out their free resource page

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 Leave me a comment, if you've used this services and let me know what you think!


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