Wednesday, 15 November 2017


  •  What is the ThAAA?

     Hey I am a part of this cool association called the ThAAA. It is a group of rehab assistants that work in speech, physio or occupational therapy. We also have some recreational therapy assistant aides that all come together to share info have some really good educational opportunities!

    Officially: Therapy Assistants are an integral part of our health care system. We are a group of trained, dedicated para-professionals, who as an association can shape our future! The association recognizes those Therapy Assistants who have valuable on the job training as well as assistants with formal education. In 2012, we began the Certification Process! We are one step closer to becoming a regulated association for Therapy Assistants. In 2012, we also added the para-profession of Recreation Therapy Assistants to our membership. Being a ThAAA member already has many benefits! As a ThAAA member you will:

  • Have a say in the future of Therapy Assistants in Alberta.
  • Receive the ThAAA newsletter on a quarterly basis, an informative publication that is designed by Therapy Assistants for Therapy Assistants.
  • Have the chance to network with other Therapy Assistants across the province.
  • Have access to all educational opportunities offered by the ThAAA at a discounted/free rate.
  • Stay up to date on all career opportunities in Alberta.
  • Have access to our website and/or visit our Facebook page.   
  • Check us out on Facebook!
  • We are working to advance the goals and initiatives of Therapy Assistants in the local, provincial and national communities. 

    Our Mission Statement  is:

    • To support and encourage the professional development of our members (through continuing education and information sharing)
    • To be accountable to our members
    • To facilitate maintaining and increasing the current standard of qualifications and education within our profession

    • To promote the role of Therapy Assistants by providing the public and professionals with information regarding our profession and membership
  • Membership ensures that Therapy Assistants are able to present a unified, professional image to the public and within the rehabilitation community.
  • The ThAAA offers our members the opportunity to get together with colleagues to discuss issues of importance in our profession.  
  • Belonging to a professional association identifies you as a Professional!
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