Monday, 6 November 2017

Lateral Lisp

Hey Everyone!

I have a few kids on my caseload with a lateral lisp so I went searching for a few new tricks and this is what I found and use....

First of all get out your mirror! Kids always need to have visual cues and helping to see their own mouth helps... a lot!

1. Use a straw and cotton ball to show students how to force the air through the front of the month instead of the sides of the mouth. As the student blows through the straw they practice having the air flow through the front of the mouth instead of the sides.

2. Have the student practice the s sound with a frontal lisp and then shape it from their- its easier to work on a frontal lisp than a lateral lisp. You just have the child practice using their s initial words with a th sound and then get them to keep their tongue behind their teeth- this one can be tricky but it has worked.

3. Like the video, use the t t t t sss approach.

4.  I get them to pucker their lips in a kissing position. This way it is harder for the air to leak out the sides of the mouth.


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