Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Wrting Prompts in Speech!

  Journal Writing Prompts for the School Year

I re-vamped my Journal Writing Prompts product. It is good for the whole school year! I have added about 40 pages. It targets months, seasons, holidays, and other fun topics like "when I'm old."

Journal Writing Prompts for the School Year
You can use it in your class for writers, or you can use it in speech to get the conversation going and increase vocabulary. For articulation, you can target specific sounds and they can take their sheet home for practice. :)

It may be a little "above" grade 1's (at the beginning of the year) in Alberta and may be more appropriate for grade 2 however, it may be perfect for American Grade 1's. We target different skills at different times ;) (Depending on your student's skill level(s).

 The best part is it is no prep! You can print it in color or black and white. I even have blank pages you can use to target any area/idea you want.

Check it out here!



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