Sunday, 27 August 2017

Fine Motor Centers in Speech Therapy

 Fine Motor Centers 
I've been telling you how I want to incorporate some occupational therapy goals into speech therapy sessions and I came up with a great idea. I will be using these Fine Motor centers at the end of each session. There are 9 centers and I plan on using 1 each week so that is over 2 months of ideas.

 Fine Motor Centers
In this pack are fine motor packs that you can use for your class or speech therapy. They will work as centers or group activities. The centers target: cutting, coloring, dabbing, lacing, hole punching, play-doh and tracing. These kits target the fine motor skills of students which are good for all students to work on and perfect. In addition to fine motor skills, there are also opportunities for learning number and letters, as well. 

There are 9 packs and you can put them in small plastic containers to keep them organized. Some of the packs can be printed on card stock and laminated to be used over and over, others can be printed on normal paper, stapled and given to students as booklets- low prep! You can also place extra copies in your class for students to work on as early finishers.
Print all activities on normal paper except activities 3 and 8 on card stock and then laminate. You can also laminate the label and instruction pages.
What you need: bingo dabbers, play-doh, scissors, pencils, hand held hole punches, crayons, cotton swabs (cut in half), liquid paint, small container for paint, shoe laces and container or large re-sealable plastic bags for your centers.
Lacing kit- cut and laminate and then hole punch where ever you like and have the students use laces to practice.


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