Monday, 3 July 2017

Part 2- Tier 2 Classroom Activities

 Welcome to Part 2 to my Tier 2 Classroom Activities.

This activity is great for vocabulary for pre-k and kindergarten age students. They will like this activity which you can use as clip cards (and work with your students who are struggling) or as a bingo game for your entire class. In my world, I would use this activity for the class and have the teacher observe and help the students she knows are struggling with this particular skill, so they have more focused help.

This activity is available in my store for a buck! It is important that tier 2 activities be affordable! :)

 What am I?

What Am I description: You can use these clip cards as a literacy center or speech therapy for children who are reading (or you can read to them). The students read the clues and then choose the correct item.
For the Bingo game you can hand out the mats (5 versions) to your students and then cut out the clues. You place the clues in a pile and read them one at time, each student that has that item covers it up with a bingo chip or other fun manipulative like goldfish. The first person with a straight line or black out wins!

Keep your eyes out for my next version of Tier 2 Classroom Activities. 



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