Saturday, 29 July 2017

Writing Prompts and Speech??

Journal Writing Prompts for the School Year 
Journal Writing Prompts for the School Year

Journal Writing Prompts for the School Year
Journal Writing Prompts for the School Year

Hey Everyone

If you're wondering where I've been, I've been enjoying summer with my family.
I love them but it is 10 times harder to be a stay at home mom than to work...I don't know how I do both!! ( I get summers off *kind of!)
Anyway ... I bet you are wondering why a speechie is using writing prompts? I use them for my older students because my caseload at my schools (yes 7 of them!!) is quite severe. They are, generally speaking, low readers and writers. In my Writing Prompts pack,  I have added about 40 pages and it is now over 130 pages. Its a great deal for under $5! I have it set up with monthly packs with cover pages or  you can mix and match or just use individual sheets. There are blank pages so that you can write about your own topic.
It's no prep, and hey, it's also great for teachers.
 I made this writing prompt pack so that I could work on students writing skills. I know that teachers work on this but I like to do it a little differently...
If you are interested in how I tackle it, check out my post here

In addition to working on writing prompts I also use my Observing and Describing for my older caseload. I have it on sale for a buck all month!!

 Observing & Describing
 Observing & Describing

Enjoy the sun!!


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