Sunday, 25 June 2017

Camping for Language

Camping for Language 

I am so glad to be off the summer, getting ready for the fall already... I know some of you are off but some aren't so lucky! You have to come up with some fun stuff to keep the kids entertained while its warm outside. Well I've got something for you... 
and my apologies for a summer full of work :(

I made this cute pack (a very long time ago-be kind, my skills have come a long way... :)
that goes great with summer and camping. It contains more than 50 pages that  targets a lot of common goals like:

  • vocabulary
  •  associations
  • beginning sounds
  • beginning writing
  • and a really cute
category sorting activity that would work great for groups.

It is only $3 but it is on sale for $2 all summer long!!
Check it out!



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