Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Match It!!


If you are anything like me, by May you are in need of some new stuff for your little guys. They get tired of the same old stuff... quick. :) So I started making something...
Here is my relatively new Associations Mats- Match It Pack.

Use these mats as a fun way to improve vocabulary in the classroom as a center or as a simple, and fun activity in Speech Therapy!
Print, Laminate and cut only cut apart pages 3 and 9 leave the other pages as mats! If you have time (and energy!) you can use velcro too!  Match It!
Use the mats for a center activity and put all of the pieces (pages 3 & 9) in the middle of the table. 
Have the students choose the correct pieces for their mats and explain why they go together.

**There is 1 picture that includes a Canadian twenty dollar bill, Canadian quarter and penny. Although they are the Canadian version, they are still applicable for Americans as the bill is green. :)
I also want to use these mats with little manipulatives - like little toys from the $ store. They would be so good for pre-k kids- engaging and hands on!! Thesis will love it. And if you want to talk RTI - it would be a good center to give to your pre-k or kindergarten room(s). I'm still working on those mats but keep an eye out cause I will get them added soon...

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