Saturday, 18 March 2017

Supports for Special Ed

  This year I have some kids on my caseload that are nonverbal and some are on the Autism Spectrum, and some are both! I am always open for a challenge so I went on the hunt to find some things that would help these kiddos communicate and for some goodies that staff would need!


Here is what I found.

1. Visual Supports for Autism MegaPack

Visual Supports for Autism Megapack - Assists Behavior and

I love this resource! It has a visual support necklace, visual schedule and some schedules for reinforcement! Love this!

2.Morning Adapted Work Binder (for Special Needs)

 Morning Adapted Work Binder (for Special Needs) 


Although this resources is a bit to make, it is unbelievable! There has been so much work put into this resource! 

What skills does this binder practice?
• Spell and Write Name
• Birthday and Age
• Address
• Phone Number
• Calendar Counting
• Spell and Write Month
• Spell and Trace Days of the Week
• “Yesterday was, Today is, Tomorrow will be”
• Weather
• Monthly Weather Graphing
• Seasons and Seasonal Clothing
• Temperature (Write # and thermometer) F and C include


 3. Paraprofessional Binder for the Special Ed Classroom

Paraprofessional Binder for the Special Education Classroom  

This is a really good one for aides! Some great information and reminders!


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