Thursday, 9 February 2017

Weekly Activity for Students with Severe Language

Hey Everyone!
I made this pack because I have students whose language is severely delayed. They basically need to work on everything. I wanted something easy to use that would include a lot of goals in 1 pack.

The first part of the pack includes a book. You read the book everyday and it includes targets like pronouns, concepts, and descriptor words. You can print it off and after you've read it, the kids can color it and you can send it home. Lots of repetition!!! ;)

It has color and black and white pictures that target a few concepts every week. This week targets dirty, clean, in, & one.

I have pages that reinforce the concepts targeted that you can have the kids color, dab and even practice printing (depending on age/developmental ability).

Here are some color poster pages that you can put up for learning.

Each week we target a part of the Vocabulary goal. This week we start off with associations. Here are my Robot Puzzles that target Association

Check out all 3 weeks in my store and keep your eye out for week 4!!!


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