Sunday, 26 February 2017

OT with a side of Speech!

Kindergarten Fine Motor Kits
That target pincer grasp,  strength, bilateral coordination, and object manipulation.
Credit: Chantelle Robertson, Occupational Therapist.

****Note: we did not reinvent the wheel here, we just put all the stuff you need (directions and letters in one spot- FOR FREE!!)

Fine Motor Kit 1- Pincer Grasp
Kit- Letter outlines and beads
Objective- improve pincer grasp and learn letter formation.
Task: have students place beads along the outline of the letter starting at the tip of the letter (to reinforce proper letter formation). The student will use their thumb and index finger (prince grasp) to pick up the beads and place them on the line. Having a strong pincer grasp is important in promoting the tripod grasp, its also important in self-care tasks (zippers and tying shoes).

Fine Motor Kit 2- Strength
Kit-Playdoh and small toys and other manipulatives
Objective: improve hand strength
Task: have students dig in the playdoh with their hands and pull all of the playdoh of each toy. Hand strength is important when completing classroom skills like using scissors and also when completing daily tasks like opening jars. When the student finds an item, have them talk about the item. For example where the item is found, what it does, what group it belongs to,  its parts and what goes with the item. You can also use concepts like place the car on the bin, in the bin, behind the bin, etc. 

For speech therapy- you can use this with articulation and have the student say their target every time they put down a bead.

Fine Motor Kit 3- Bilateral  coordination/ 2 hands
Kit-pipe cleaners and beads
Objective: improve bilateral coordination  and numeracy

Task: have students  a number and identify it. String the same amount of beads onto the pipe cleaner.
Ex number 2 pipe cleaner: string 2 beads.
Using 2 hands together

For speech therapy- you can use this as a great way to develop vocabulary skills!

her is important during printing and cutting tasks and two hands need to work together. One hand holds the paper and the other the tool.

Fine Motor Kit 4- Object Manipulation
Kit-blocks and cups
Objective: introduce sorting, patterns, object manipulation, turn taking and cooperative play skills.
Task: have students  sort blocks by color into cups. Once each student has several blocks in their cup they can take turns adding to a tower. They can work in groups of two to create ABAB patterns in their block towers. Have the student count how high their tower is. Object manipulation is important when completing puzzles and craft projects. Cooperative play is a developing skill in 4 and 5 year olds which some student may find difficult.


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