Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Rhyming Clips

Rhyming Clips 

I love centers! I love hands on activities that keep the kids engaged! The kids get so much more out of learning when they are having fun. 
I made this rhyming clip activity to target rhyming (obviously!) but it also target some of those fine motor skills for all of my OT friends out there!
There is cutting, coloring, clipping and play-doh.

You can also leave them as mats and let the kids cover up the yes or no with playdoh.

You can use just plain clothes pins but I was lucky enough to find these really cute snowmen from the Dollar Store. You never know what you can find at the Dollar store, I am a definite addict of that place :)


And for the notebook version, you can work on cutting and coloring...


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