Saturday, 21 January 2017

CVC Mats

I sometimes have kids who can read the basics but have difficulty with segmenting. I made an activity that they can use that is not too easy but will help with their phonemic awareness skills.
This is a difficult activity, and it is NOT for beginners. It is for readers who need a little extra work on segmenting words in to their sounds. 
  It is for readers who need extra practice work on segmenting basic CVC words into their sounds. 
Have the students cover the correct letters from a possibility of 8 that go with the picture. If you want to laminate you can cover the sounds with play-doh, blocks, or bingo chips. 

If you just want to print you can have them color or dab the sounds.
Words Included are: bag, bat, cab, fan, jam, map, sad, wax, hat, cat, bed, leg, net, pen, web, wet, pet, ten, bib, fin, kid, kit, lip, six, bug, cup, gum, hut, mud, sun, tub, tux, bin, cap, cut, hen, mat, mit, mop, mug, nut, pop, sit, tap, can, tip, bus, log, pot, mom, pod, son.


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