Saturday, 19 November 2016



When you start looking around there are so many vocabulary resources and that's good because so many kids need to work on their vocabulary skills. 

When I go into classrooms, especially for 4 and 5 year old students, the teachers seem to be reading less stories and talking about them even less. Now don't get me wrong, teachers have their own agenda, its called the curriculum. I get it! But what if we just read a book and talked about what happened in the book, what some of the words meant, and described the pictures? It would make things so much easier! Teachers have to teachers letters, letter sounds, math, and on and on ... but if they don't have the foundation of good (or even moderate) vocabulary, these skills aren't going to be utilized correctly!
Instead lets try telling parents, teachers and daycare workers to read a book, talk about the items, how 2 items are related, their functions, where you find them and what category they fit in.

I have some cute activities that you can laminate and use with play-doh. If you're into no prep there are also black and white versions for markers and bingo dabbers. You can find them here and here.


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