Monday, 21 November 2016

Moustache Smash- Articulation Edition

Moustache Smash Up- Articulation Edition 

We all have a huge articulation caseload and get tired of the same old games, maybe the kids don't but I definitely do!

I made a fun new game!
Have you ever heard of Moustache Smash? Yes, then you know what to do! It's a fun game where kids hold a moustache at their face and then slap all of the cards that are the same as their moustache. 
I made it a little different- you just choose the child's target sound and then lay them on the table. The child then says the word (5 or even 10 times) and slaps the card with their moustache. 
You can also say the word, they copy you and then slap the word then they find the card. 
It is a fun way to get a lot of repetitions- just make sure the child says the word 2, 5 or even 10 times! 
I have included all of the common sounds- f, k, g, s and s blends, l and l blends, sh, ch and th. All of the sounds have most of the examples in the initial position and a few in the final position.

Get it quick while its only $1.25!!!
I am going to work on a vocabulary edition too, so keep an eye out for it!

You can buy the game here


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