Friday, 30 September 2016

Beginning Sounds

Beginning Sounds Train

I bought this beginning sounds train that you can use in language class to target phonological awareness - beginning sounds.  The kids love the hands on activity and the cute, bright pictures. 

 This fun-to-use sorting mats make it easy for kids to identify beginning sounds! Children just select an activity mat, then find 3 picture tiles that match the sound on the train’s engine. Plus, each tile is double-sided, with a picture on one side and both a picture and word on the other—so kids can sort at just the right level! Set includes 20 activity mats and 60 chipboard tiles.

For articulation, you can use this activity to target words or phrases. For F, you could say "I found a foot on the train, etc." It is just a different way to make artic. just a little more fun!
You can buy it here for $16.99~



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