Monday, 1 August 2016

Washi tape!

I bought some washi tape recently and asked myself, how can I use this in speech? I try to make therapy fun and get tired of work sheets and flashcards. I thought washi tape- lets turn it into an activity!

I came up with an easy way to target following directions and teach some important concepts like first, second, third, before and after.
I found these cute Angry Bird pencil toppers at the dollar store and used them. 

First of all I made 3 squares on the table and then asked the students to follow my directions. The good thing about washi tape is it comes off so easily and clean. No gunk left on the table!

Some examples of  directions are "put the black bird in the first square," and "put the red bird after the black bird." You can use any direction that you can think of or that targets your students goal(s).

Put the washi tape on the table or on the floor, in any shape your little heart desires... :) If you come up with some other ideas, I would love to hear them :)

Use them to work on other concepts like outside, on top, below, etc! 


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