Friday, 1 July 2016

The Complete Phonological Awareness Pack

Well it's that time again... SUMMER!!

 The Complete Phonological Pack

I am super excited and hope our weather starts to cooperate (it's raining!). I have been working on a phono pack for a looonng time and I've finally finished it.  I made it for the kids I see who need an extra bit of support with reading. Some teachers don't do a lot of phono activities in class and some parents don't understand how to teach them. I made this pack for those people- fun, easy activities and centers to help struggling readers.

This 200+ page activity includes everything you need to help your struggling students.

In this pack are centers, activities and worksheets that target rhyming, segmenting, and identifying beginning, middle and ending sounds.

You can help your students segment words into individual phoneme's, change sounds to make new words, practice letter sound and identification, and so much more! There is also printing practice included in some of the worksheets!

All activities are made to be fun using manipulatives like chipper chats (bingo chips), cars, a pointer, play-doh!, candy, cheerios, goldfish, blocks or bingo dabbers! Anything you have on hand that the kids will enjoy! If they enjoy it and have fun, they will want to do it again and again and they will remember it!

It is regularly priced at $10 but this long weekend its only $5 so grab it now!!It  is perfect for kindergarten or first grade!!

Have a great long weekend, and Happy Canada Day :)


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