Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Heads Up!!

Heads up for Speech!

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Recently, my kids purchased this app on my phone and I thought what a great idea for speech therapy.  You can use this app for older kids to act out or describe different terms.  It's a great way to get some vocabulary going. 


There are so many categories! There are sure to be something that will work for any kid on your caseload! And there are categories that are just for kids-- PERFECT!! :)

 1 person place the phone on their head and the other person acts out or describes the word on the phone and their partner tries to guess.  You tilt the phone if they got it right or if you want to pass it. At the end it tells you how many you got correct. The only down side of this app is it needs to be played with a player that can read so it has to be with your older kids on the caseload. This is basically a more technological way to play Head Banz.

The other plus to this game is that its a great way to end a session and you can use it if you've forgotten reinforcement but haven't forgotten your phone ;)


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