Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Parent Handouts for Summer

During the summer many kids are spending a lot of time with family and not in speech therapy which is totally understandable! I feel like we need to get the "speech" word out there. I want to help parents by giving them easy strategies that they can use everyday to increase the language skills of their little guys. I always laugh when parents are so proud of themselves by telling me they do flashcards with their kids! Kids learn best through play... I am not faulting them just pointing out that children can learn language by doing fun things that they are interested in, it doesn't have to look like a classroom.

I created a handout that is written in parent friendly vocabulary for everyday activities like going to the beach, park or during camping. The only place you can find this handout is on my website so be sure to check it out and pass on the link to any parents in need! Stick around and check out the other freebies here too!
If you use these handouts leave me some feedback in the comments section.

I hope you have sunny weather,



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