Monday, 27 June 2016

Articulation Carnival App

Articulation Carnival App!

What I liked:
*specific blends- for example instead of just r blends you could choose br, dr, fr, etc, which could target each child's goals specifically. This will save you time because you are not searching through all of the words that aren't pertinent to your student's goals.
* colorful and bright
*can insert notes.
*you can email session notes and data!!! It tells you exactly which words they said correctly and which were wrong.  Love this!! This makes therapy so easy!!! :)

What I would improve:
* I like that the games are interactive for the kids but they do take a little too long.
* I think $51.99 for all sounds is a little expensive. Each sound can range from $3.99- $8.49- a little expensive but it does include any blends.


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