Monday, 2 May 2016

Speech, No Prep!!

Speech Worksheets, No Prep!

Recently I made these Speech, No Prep worksheets! You can purchase the full pack or sample a couple of the freebies here. I made these sheets that will target many language goals and you can use them anyway you need. I made them with very  vague instructions because some kids may be at the receptive level while others are at the expressive level or you can use them as an introduction. 
These sheets targets many goals:
*regular and irregular past tense
*present and future tense
*matching items that go together
*labeling category names
*labeling where you find items
*labeling the function of items
*beginnings sounds

After you have worked on them you can send them for homework for carryover and practice (either in the classroom or at home!)
The best part is I have them on for only 0.50 this week so grab them quick!



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