Friday, 27 May 2016



About this time of year we need to work on reinforcement. I want to be outside in the sun, just like the kids do. I am tired of working on /r/ and pronouns for the 100th time too! We need to get some good ideas that are reinforcing for the kids...

I told you last week about my books for reinforcement but what about those kids that it just doesn't work? Maybe they aren't reading yet or books just aren't the reinforcement that works. That's when I bring out the big guns! iPad! There are a lot of games on it that are free and only take about 30 seconds to play! Love it! They have a quick game and then do some more repetitions or practice some more language skills. You can even use the game to target some goals. With the game pictured you can target pronouns, and verbs. With some imagination, you can use it to target some other goals. 



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