Monday, 4 April 2016

Quick Vocabulary Activity 

Well, here in Alberta, it is back to school from Easter break for most of us! Now if you're feeling like I do, you need something quick and easy to use to help you transition back into work life ( I want to go back to bed!!) 

Many children that I work with have trouble sorting and identifying items in categories and I wanted something that I could just grab to target this goal. I wanted something easy that didn't involve a lot of prep but would target many groups and different parts of the vocabulary goal. In speech, I have many students and they have a lot of different goals so I need a lot of materials. I need them to be easy and quick to use because I have a large case load, I work with 7 schools! I also need them to be small and light! I love games, who doesn't, but I can't carry 50 game boards in my bag!~ These activities are small and can be printed and put onto rings, you don't even need to laminate them! :)

This vocabulary product that can be used in speech therapy but it can also be used as a quick activity for teachers. It is designed so that teachers can grab a ring of pictures and get their students to carry out the task quickly. It is a great activity to get students to practice their vocab. while they are in line, getting ready to wash their hands for lunch or anytime their are a few minutes of downtime in the class. Included are: they're all (where the student identifies the category name of the items), categories (where the student identifies items from certain categories), functions, attributes, and associations.

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Have a great week! :)



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