Friday, 25 March 2016

Speech Seeks and Language Looks -Pirate theme

I found a wonderful free product on TPT its a pirate themed freebie. I love that it can be used for my artic. or language kids! It is free and black and white- both things that are great for the budget!

 Print and Go Pirate-Themed Speech Seek and Language Look R

Speech Seeks!
You can print this off and have your students find as many things as they can with their sound. This product targets r, s, sh, l, th, f, v, k, g, ch, and j, so many sounds! And all you need is a little imagination if it doesn't use your sound. All you need to do is use your target sound in the phrase. Using the same word over and over helps with progress and motor planning.

Language Looks!

For language, you can use the sheet for vocabulary or verbs. Have the student choose the item and then use an appropriate verb that would go with that item. For example, I found a treasure a turtle that is swimming & yesterday the turtle swam. This is more difficult so you may have to help with this target but it really gets them thinking!!


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