Thursday, 24 March 2016

Reading A-Z and Speech

Using books in Speech!

Many kids struggle with reading, specifically reading comprehension.  I wanted to know how I could help my caseload with both skills. I thought about how I could use reading a-z. Reading A-Z is a good resource because many schools use it, is is not too expensive, and it has good books that are leveled! Here are some tips to help you use reading a-z (or any reading program with leveled readers) to help with reading skills and comprehension in speech therapy.

1.  Choose a book from their level and print if off. The great part of this is you can print it in black and white and send the book home, if it gets lost, no worries! It was just paper!!

2. Read the book together!

3. Target some phonological awareness goals from the story. You can ask the beginning sounds of certain words or segment cvc words (depending on their level), blend words from the story and have the child identify what word it is. Here the grade 1`s were circling all the words that started with the /r/ sound. See my tic tac toe game in the background, I used as reinforcement at the end just to spice things up!~
3. Sequence the story using pictures, words or sentences. Have the child relay back to you (or partner) what happened in the story then you can use a sequence the story sheet and work on it together or in groups.
Below are some examples from grades 2-6. 

4. Use vocabulary from the story and talk about it. Identify any unknown words and explain them, look them up on the pc, show pictures and, if you want, you can have the students print them out and explain them to other members of the group. 

5. Send the book home! Let the student(s) take home their own copy of the book and practice reading it and explaining it to a parent or sibling at home!!

If you are a member of this or another level readers program, often they have activities that accompany the book ;)

All of the activities from this post can be found here!~


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