Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Letter Identification Mats

Letter Identification Mats

Letter Identification Mats  
As you can see, I've been on a play-doh roll (no pun intended!). I find it keeps
my little guys hands busy and engaged! I am working with some severe kids who need to work on reading, among other things. I have a grade 4 girl who doesn't know beginning sounds, and isn't able to identify letters. I made this for her but thought maybe you could use it ;)


Its a cute, fun way to learn beginning sounds and phonics using real photo's.
You can print and laminate and have the students cover the correct letter (that matches the beginning sound to the picture) with Play-doh, bingo chips, or any fun manipulative you have on hand.
The vowels and y are at the end- they are not in alphabetical order.

And best of all..... they're free! For now at least....


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