Monday, 28 March 2016

Articulation scenes!

I purchased Articulation Scenes by Jennifer Bradley SLP a while ago and really like it!!

The things I like about this pack are:
*No prep!! All you do is print and use a bingo dabber, markers, or chipper chats! Easy!!
*Black and white!! We all know that we go through so much ink we should be buying shares in it!! *I like the fact that this is....Cheap!!
*You can send it home for homework!! Again cheap and easy!!
*You can use it for spontaneous productions. The student finds the pick and uses the word at their level. 
*For the /f/ sheet I got my kids to say "I found a, etc."
On the /th/ sheet I got the kids to use he phrase "this is a.... Or that is a..." To target voiced /th/.

At the bottom of he sheet you can write a few extra words, phrases or instructions for Mom or Dad!!
Thanks, Jennifer, for a great product!!!


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