Thursday, 18 February 2016


Another way work on Verbs

I have been speaking with a great friend, and SLP, Roxanne who told me that some of the latest research shows that children need to experience language in many different ways in order to learn it. In the past, we taught the hierarchy in body, toys and pictures. Apparently, children need to see many different examples of items to learn concepts. For example they need to experience things, see things in real life, use tangible objects,  see items in books with different examples and pictures, etc.

 I haven't read about the this latest research and I think it may have came from an SLP at the U of Alberta but I am definitely interested in learning more about it...Sorry I can't give any more specific information than that. 

Everything you need for Verbs

Everything you need for Verbs

Anyway, back to verbs...
I seem to be having a lot of children who are working on all of the verb tenses, especially present tense verbs.  Remember  (I told you awhile back one way that I target verbs with pronouns? Read that post here.) I got out my Everything You Need for Verb pack out and decided to turn the page into a receptive activity. I would label the picture and the child had to find the correct picture, color it and then repeat the phrase. These pictures are a little harder to target pronouns with (there are very subtle differences but the "people" do look slightly female and male) but I did do it. You can also use it expressively by pointing to a picture and having the student label it in a sentence. Another fun idea is to point to the pic and have the child act out the verb like "charades."

In my verb pack there are future, present and regular/ irregular past tense  verbs. In it are poster, printing practice pages, and also work sheets that you can color or dab with a bingo dabber. 

How do you work on verbs with your kids? 



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