Saturday, 20 February 2016

Associations & Play-doh!

I love providing therapy to my younger kiddies! Since they are about 4 years old, I need to have fun and engaging activities! I'm really glad that play-doh is so fun for the little guys, plus it keeps those little hands busy. I have started working on product specifically for play-doh and I am now making more- keep your eye out for them. Take a look at them now- while they are only $1!!!!

Playdoh Association Mats

I made these sheets so you can use them 2 different ways.
1. You can have the students cover up the item that goes with the main item and explain how they go together. For example- in the first picture above the child would cover up the watch and explain that  a watch and clock go together because they both tell time.

2. The other way (the way I used it in the picture) is the kiddie covers up the item that doesn't belong (which is how you phrase the questions: which one doesn't belong?) and then explain that it doesn't go because it's not something that helps you tell time. This way can be confusing for the younger guys so be careful how you word your question and remember to be consistent. ;)

The best thing about these are that I didn't even have to laminate them- I just used page protectors! I STILL haven't bought my laminator yet! A definite necessity in the speech world! I also made them in black and white so you can use a bingo dabber if you choose. :)

Playdoh Association Mats

 Keep an eye out for a similar product where we target categories!!!

How you do work on associations?


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