Saturday, 2 January 2016

Phonological Awareness

I love, love, love working on phonological awareness skills with my kiddos! It is such an important skill that all children need to learn, and sometimes if they need a little extra help, I target the goals in speech!

I found this cool website it lists some great activities for the classroom you can find it  here: Oklahoma Phonological Awareness

According to their website...

Did you know: Phonological awareness is the most strongly related ability related to literacy development. Remember that phonological awareness includes two important elements: the awareness of or the sensitivity to speech sounds, and the ability to manipulate the sound structures in words. Phonological awareness encompasses phonemic awareness  in the understanding that words are made up of individual speech sounds and the ability to manipulate these sounds either by blending, segmenting or changing individual sounds within words to create different words.  Phonemic awareness is the ability to manipulate individual sounds.


Phonological awareness skills in kindergarten children have been identified as one of the best indicators of reading achievement between kindergarten and second grade (NRP, 2000; Snow et al., 1998; Whitehurst & Lonigan, 2002) Children who are better at playing with rhymes, syllables and speech sounds often learn to read more quickly because these skills enable them to learn the alphabetic principle and to learn phonics. Conversely, children with underdeveloped phonological awareness skills in preschool are some of the poorest readers in later years because those students, in turn, have trouble learning to decode.

Now that I've sold you on how important phonological awareness is  for ALL children I wanted to post a few of my  phonological items for $2 and under!

1. How Many Sounds? I cute group activity for children to segment the sounds in words! It uses 2-6 sound words. This is my product and its only $2!!

How Many Sounds? 

2. Beginning Sound Jars! This activity helps identify the beginning sound in words. They paste all the words that start with each letter on the correct page and they can also come up with their own words that start with each letter. Great practice for the little guys! It's only $1!

  Beginning Sound Jars 

3. Rhyming Necklaces! A great classroom activity where students where a necklace and then find someone that has a necklace that rhymes with their word. Fun and interactive group activity!
And it is also $2!!
 Rhyme Necklaces



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