Friday, 22 January 2016

Letter Names and Sounds  

I provide speech, language and reading support to schools. Usually I work with Kindergarten, grades 1 and 2's. When teachers are open to allowing me to take over ( ha ha), I love to provide activities to the entire class or in small groups. Mostly, teachers are seeking support and guidance on phonological awareness and reading skills. The number 1 complaint I get from teachers is that their students have not learned the letter names and letter-sound correspondence. I am always on the search to find something new, fun and cheap.... Low and behold I found Tara West.
 Not only does she have a great store with some wonderful products but the one thing that I was looking for was FREE!!!
Tara suggests you use the as printing practice, upper/lower case practice or beginning sound practice but I came up with something different.

I kept the picture cards full and cut out the letters. Then I had the kids match the letter to the beginning sound of each picture. You could do it the other way: keep the letters on the full card and then cut out each picture individually and match them up that way.

Thanks for this great freebie, Tara!

Do you have any ideas on how you teach letter sound correspondence?



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