Saturday, 16 January 2016

Classroom Articulation Activity

Creating Communicators presents K in the Classroom- first pack in the series...


I have spoke to many teachers who have concerns about many children having trouble with certain sounds. A few of those sounds are k, s, l and the dreaded r. Since speech people can't work with every single student ALL of the time I thought how about making a few classroom activities for some of the easier sounds. (I will not target r).  To be clear, this is in now way supposed to take place of diagnosis, or treatment of articulation sounds. What it is meant to do is, bring awareness and consciousness of sounds to students and it may help to reduce treatment time.
The first classroom pack is geared toward teachers who have many students who are making /k/ sound errors.
This pack includes sound discrimination, awareness, auditory bombardment and class activities to practice making and hearing the /k/ sound.
There are step by step instructions on how to use the worksheets, mats, and group activities to build the awareness of the sound for your students. The entire activity can take as long or as little as you like. I've done it in classes in about 20 minutes but you could do it everyday for a week if you like...the package can also be used by parents.

I am making the pack free this weekend so get it quick!

I hope you like it and please email if you have questions. 


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