Saturday, 19 December 2015

Retro Toy

Remember these??
I do! I'm showing my age a bit... I think one of my cousins had one and we pretended to take pictures with it. Back then, having your own camera was a BIG deal! ha ha

Recently, a neighbour gave me some of her kids toys that she had lying around her house. Her kids are grown so some of the toys were old and really cool. They reminded me of my childhood...Remember the view finder???
In the box was this old fisher price camera that has about 20 pictures. The pictures are all related to the zoo. There are mostly animals but a few other pictures that are related to zoo vocabulary.
I don't know about you, but the first thing I dis was  go into speech mode and thought how can I use this in speech...???
I came up with a thousand ideas... Ok not quite but a few!

1. Talk about the attributes of each animal. 

2. Compare and contrast 2 animals. You and your student can look through the camera & then each of you can choose an animal. Then name animals and talk about how they are the same and how they are different.

3. Phonemic awareness- talk about the beginning, ending & middle sound of each animal. (Use the smaller animal names depending on child's skill level- like ape instead of gorilla).
Have the kids come up with another animal (or word) that starts with the same sound as the animal. 

4. Articulation- work on their sound at the phrase level. Choose a word with their sound and turn it into a carrier phrase. For example- sue has a gorilla, sue has a zebra,sue has a peacock..,etc.

5. Grammar- use verb tenses with each picture. For example: yesterday the ape sat. Plurals: I see 2 tigers.

I love it & the best part was this retro toy was free!!! Keep an eye out for free and cheap products from friends and garage sales.

Thanks, Olive!
Do you have any retro finds that are good for speech?


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