Saturday, 21 November 2015

Speech Sound Desk Reminder

Hey Everyone!

Happy Saturday! I have been super busy lately...I am working with 5 schools and also have on-line clients so I haven't been able to post as much as I normally do...
I love the internet! There are so many useful resources and ideas out there, what did we do before??!!
Oh my gosh, good thing I wasn't in the speech world back then....

I have a few kids who need a reminder to keep producing their sound in the classroom. You know those kids! The one who is at 100% in conversation and then as soon as he steps out of the speech room BAM it's, gone!! UGH, frustrating. I made these templates for those kids: first they can decorate them and then place them on their desk or if they are more comfortable they can take them home and put them on the fridge. You can also turn this into a quick activity as you introduce the sound they are working on.

It is free now and forever so take a look, follow my shop and leave me some feedback. What do you use to promote carryover for your students? 
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