Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cyber Monday Sale 2015: What’s In Your Cart? Linky

What's in your cart linky party

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Cyber Monday Sale 2015: What’s In Your Cart? Linky

It's Sale Time again and I am Linking up with The Speech Room News!

Here are  few items from my store!
 Pronouns- Receptive and Expressive Activities

 Vocabulary- Associations, What Doesn't Belong, and Categorization

Elf  Speech & Language Activities

Here is what is in my cart!!!

1.Cycles for Speech Therapy FCD
Gold Country SLP has this cycles approach for highly unintelligible children! I need it and can't wait to see how the kids progress!

2.Interactive Articulation FLIP BOOKS For /prevocalic r, ar,
I need this for one of my online therapy students! /r/ here we come!

3.Speech-Language Therapy Explanation Handouts for Parents &
If there ever was a way to save time and reduce frustration, I think this is it!! Thank you! Can't wait to copy this again and again!!!


  1. Terrific list! My cart is already so full and there are so many great products to check out! ~Linda

    1. Sooo many products, indeed!
      :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Your elf activity packet looks fun! Thanks!

  3. Your vocabulary activity looks great!