Thursday, 5 November 2015

My First App

My First App is an app for small children that targets categorization. Children are able to sort through  toys and then sub categorize within each category. Transportation, balls and toys are available on the free version. There are many more categories on the paid version which is $3.49.

 I like this up because it's very simple for children and it works on vocabulary and categorization. I did have a hard time maneuvering some of the items so I'm sure if I had trouble small children would probably have trouble too. Although, other people have noted that their small children used the app with ease.

I especially like the transportation page because you can sub categorize. You can categorize the  items to land, air and sea. This is a great extra step for helping little ones with categorization and vocabulary skills.

It has very cute graphics that would be so cute for small children.

I did like this app! What do you think?
Disclaimer- I have not been compensated in anyway for review of this app and the opinions are strictly my own.


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  1. This app is awesome! My daughter was drawn to the graphics as I looked at them on your blog! My first App looks like it would be just the thing help her practice sorting items. Hopefully she would practice saying the names of the items as she sorts them. What a great way to get her to practice more words!