Monday, 30 November 2015

/k/ in the classroom

Many times I have had teachers ask me how to target a sound that many students in their class are not saying correctly and it got me thinking....
 K in the Classroom

A little bit of background- I live in northern Alberta and here services are provided through the health region or they contract private speech services. The health region provides services to schools (free the cost is covered by the Alberta Government) but there are so many schools and students that need services that some schools only receive a few months of service per year. This means that SLP time is at a premium and we need to start targeting some goals in the classroom. I know teachers are already busy and overworked so I wanted to make something easy for them to use, and print so it would be more likely that they would use it and their students would benefit from it. I wanted the pack to be clear and laid out step by step but also to have educational benefit. 

I came up with this idea that can be given to teachers and worked on in the classroom. Each activity is designed to need little prep and be carried out in just a few minutes.
I am planning on making a few more that target common errors like /s/, /sh/, ...? 

Do you have any ideas of a sound that you would like me to target? Comment below!


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